About ILBC

Aim of the database

The development of the ILBC (International Law in Belgian Courts) database was initiated by the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute of the University of Ghent. The aim is to bring together, in an orderly manner, judgements of Belgian courts and tribunals dealing with public international law (treaty law, immunities, jurisdiction, succession, etc.). For each case a (non-confidential) full-text version is uploaded, provided with a very concise English summary of the relevance of public international law and linked to a number of keywords/tags.

Editorial board

The editorial board oversees and coordinates the submissions to the database.

Prof. Dr. Tom Ruys (UGent)Editorial managertom.ruys@ugent.be
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Angelet (ULB / UGent)Editorial manager nicolas.angelet@ulb.be
Prof. Dr. Frederick De Cock (UHasselt) Lead editorfrederick.decock@uhasselt.be
Ms. Saartje Matton (UGent)Lead editor saartje.matton@ugent.be

Contact details

Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute
Ghent University
Faculty of Law and Criminology

Postal address

Universiteitstraat 4
9000 Ghent

Visitors address

Voldersstraat 3
9000 Ghent

Tel +32(0)9 264 97 60
Fax +32(0)9 264 69 89


If you believe that an entry in the database infringes your rights or privacy interests, you are kindly invited to notify the editorial board. Should the editorial board conclude that the complaint is valid, and depending on the specific circumstances, all necessary steps shall be undertaken to either anonymise the entry, to make it inaccessible or to remove it from the ILBC database.