Baghouri et al. v Belgium

Brussels First Instance Tribunal, Baghouri et al. v Kingdom of Belgium, Nr. 2020/******/C, 25 February 2020

The case concerns an appeal by the Belgian government against an Order of the Tribunal of First Instance of 11 December 2019, ordering the Belgian State to provide consular assistance to several children held at the Al-Hol refugee/detention camp in Syria, as well as to provide necessary identity and travel documents enabling them to travel to Belgium.

The Court recognizes the temporary impossibility for the Belgian State to fully execute the Order within the allotted time. This finding is based on the fact that the Belgian State repeatedly requested the Kurdish authorities for the Belgian State to be allowed to provide consular assistance to the children and to organize their repatriation without their parents. The Kurdish authorities refused this request several times because they could not allow the separation of the children from their parents under Kurdish law. In addition, the security threat was such as to jeopardize the security of the consular mission and the children during their repatriation. For this reason, the Court grants the Belgian State an extension of time to implement the decision.